Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Internet as a Step in Earth’s Evolution – Part 2:
On self, power and ego.

In the first days of our civilization, it wasn’t “our” civilization that much. The civilization we’re living in right now, today, is an extension of “some” of the civilizations that sprang up those days. The egyptians, the mayans, the chinese, the north europeans, the western anatolians, mesopotamians, the lot.

Why did they appear when they did? Well, the Egyptians, Mayans, Chinese, mesopotamians, all had the same problem. Until then, they were gathering food and running away from predators and living off as well as they could. But one day, about 12.000 years ago, the earth got hot. And water was not to be found easily. So they converged on places that had water. Like around the Nile, or Mesopotamia. The soil was so fertile that only the “natural” growth of seeds was adequate to feed everyone around.

So, you pack people together, small comunities form themselves –solely based on geography- they start to communicate, share information on “how to survive”, do things together, some of them invent some tools to “hunt” for lunch that’s getting away and defend yourself from the predators.

They had all they needed: protection, food, water. The population rised to a point where the food was not enough, but then they solved that problem with one of the greatest inventions: the plough. That way they were sure to live off this year, and be here the next year. So they could plan, schedule things [thanks to the stars rising off the same place at some times of the year (which starts and ends according to the floods of the rivers)]

You’ve got yourself a civilization. You have no major problems, the nature’s fertile enough, you start to think about things like “how we’ve came here”, “why are we here?” and all because you have developed a.. “survival instinct”, a “thing that helps you stay on your feet”, an “ego” along the evolutional path.

So you’re looking for some answers, you sure got some. Like.. “There are gods in the sky, and they created us from the corn buds.” (Mayans) or Ra has fertilized (basically jerked off on) the land and humans are born from it. (Egyptians) etc.

(Then the stories get mixed up, the human becomes created from mud instead of earth, including a soul etc. These things happen.)

The main thing here is, these guys believed that some magical supernatural creatures have created the universe in a perfect model, and they tried to live in harmony with it.

On the other hand, we have north europeans, western anatolians, who have to “fight” with nature all the way long to survive. They need to work so hard that they are actually trying to “tame” the “earth”.

This is a chaotic environment, where there’s constantly a war. So when you ask those same questions to yourself in that mess, the answers you get are also complicated.you get gods that constantly fight between each other, who try to dominate others, rule over those and fight with these etc.
Think of growing in such a culture. Where everythings as chaotic as can be, and your gods, your “idols” are all fighting guys and gals.. so you fight right?

And those who do not acknowledge your gods and your version of “truth”? well, they do not deserve living anyway, let’s kill them and take their possessions so we can get some time off, feasting on their goods.

And this works, you know? When the Church adopts the same methodology when it comes face to face with european way of living. Rather, the Romans adopt christianity and shapes it according to its own image. Anyway.

Up until that point of course, in greece geometry, trigonometry, logic, philosophy, arts, are so developed that they even try to explain what’s happening in the nature “methodically”.

Why? Because Thales, who has been to Egypt once, when the Ionians separated themselves from the “greeks” and settled on the Anatolian shore of the Aegean, took the egyptian geometry and trigonometry, which the Egyptians used to measure their fields and build pointy triangular big monuments, and he used it to measure and understand the nature, to be able to “fight it better”.

Engineering today, is an extension of the chain of events triggered by the guy. It’s a challenge against nature. Trying to create things that the nature “can not take apart”.

While these things were happening in Europe, what was happening in the east? The Chinese, japanese, thanks to Tao and the ideas that it sprang back then, were trying to “get in harmony” with nature. They were trying to blend in, not fight, settle down, accept. Well, they had other issues but that’s not the place for them.

The problem with “dominating” is, the thing you dominate, is often not stable. It changes. And if you don’t change with it, you’re bound to fail.

If you stand in the way of a massive change, it will absolutely, without a doubt, crash you.

While you stick to your principles and operating procedures, that have worked for you so well so far, some other people out there are changing the rules. They put bends to the straightforward path you drew about your future.

Sooner or later, the road bends. And if you don’t bend with it, the only place you’ll go will be down the edge.

What that has to do with ego and power? Everything!

Think of the Church standing in the way of the printing press. Until the time they eventually used the printing press to print indulgences with, the Church stood up to the books with every fiber of its being. Why? Because it was destabilizing the “power base” and altering its power. Interesting thing, the church. The one and only organization that did shape itself –sooner or later- according the situations and did it without sacrificing its “infallible, unquestionable authority”.

Anyway, what happens when you destabilize the power-base of a corporation? Their target market, their intended audience. When you tell them something, that is not at all benefitable for the company? Well they get mad at you right? Yes. And what if the company, the corporation that you were standing against was so huge that it could annihilate you within hours? Yes. You would be annihilated within hours.

But, the guys that annihilated you and your ideas, would be only “standing in the way” just like the inquisition did, just like the wool producers did, and just like every involved party did with every major change that came.

Internet is putting a lot more bends on the road then it’s reasonably forseeable. Most of us do not really need to be at work to do our work, don’t need schools because all the information we need is on google or “somewhere on the internet”. (Google, that’s another story)

We don’t need “representatives” for us in the senate, because when you look at it, we have all the communications we need to render them useless. We know everything, internet is our collective cortex, where we store our information. If we know some keywords about something, we can reach the lot. More than we can take all at once.

So this destabilizes, everyday a little bit more, the “power base” of the corporations all around us.

What happens, when being the citizen of any country doesn’t mean anything, because you actually don’t have borders, and the ones that are present are only “obstacles” that tire you on your way to information and happiness. In most of the world’s countries, people are paying taxes to the governments that absolutely did NOTHING for them. Don’t you think when there’s enough people involved, this will be a problem?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting, but in a confusing package. I need some time processing -and frankly, trying to find my way through- what you wrote, so I won't be commenting on the what, but the how of your blog. Delete the comment if that is not what you're looking for.

First, you're not being clear at all, as you warned in your first post. Organize your thoughts some more, then break into smaller pieces. Make those 'connections' work better for your writing, and don't jump that fast between them.

Any ideas on where to find James Burke's book in Istanbul? Does Remzi Kitabevi have it?


12:39 PM, January 29, 2006  
Blogger 24th fret said...

Interesting idea, interesting articles. A great reading that includes somewhat familiar ideas about us evolving is "ishmael, an adventure of the mind and spirit." Highly recommended.
And by the way, people who didn't get the "floating party" reference: bad luck! :-)

8:04 AM, March 12, 2006  

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